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POLDAN Wood Processing Plant commenced its activities on 20 October 1980. It was founded by Mr Zygmunt Kroplewski, who in this way is continuing his family's tradition connected with wood industry.

Initially, a dozen or so cubic meters of wood were processed every month; it was mainly wood panelling that was produced. In view of the location of the plant y the Gdansk-Szczecin route in a region that is abundant with high quality raw material, i.e. softwood, as well as a high demand for sawn timber and glued beams, a decision was made to extend the plant.

At the turn of the years of 1989/90, after a new hall and drying chambers were built, and fruitful cooperation was commenced with the Danish; hence the name of the Company: POLDAN.

Poldan includes two wood processing plants, where raw material is processed starting from roundwood to finished goods such as the following:

  • plywood in the form of window and door glued laminated scantling (three layers),
  • wood doors,
  • wood houses,
  • oak, beech and pine furniture boards
  • natural interior doors.

The Plant in Sławno is equipped with state-of-the-art machines manufactured by the renown company of Weining. The machinery stock allows the production of high class window scantling, which satisfies the needs of the largest European customers (Italy, Germany, England, Ireland, France, Denmark, the Netherlands).

The Wood Processing Plant in Sławsko, which was established in the year 2000, is a place where furniture boards and wooden houses are made from raw material. It includes a lumbering line as well as two sawmill halls with modern Esterer and Mohringer frame sawing machines. In Sławsko, a high frequency press is installed for precision and efficient gluing of furniture boards. At the time when it was purchased, i.e. in the year 2011, it was the world's second such state-of-the-art machine in furniture industry.

For wood gluing, we use use glues with a high strength and durability, which is confirmed by the results of tests conducted by the Main Construction Joinery Industry Research and Development Centre; these confirm that the semi-products from glued laminated wood meet the strength requirements as defined in the ITB Technical Approval no. AT-15-2948/00.

All our products possess the international FSC certificate.







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