Solid and joined pine scantling 

We offer the highest quality products. Our offer includes a wide range of glued pine scantling, both joined and solid with classic cross-sections.details




Rafter framings

Our rafter framings will certainly meet your requirements. We take great care when selecting raw material and we guarantee a high product quality. Rafter framing elements are offered from pine wood with or without chromium-free treatment, as the customer’s wish may be.  We take great care when selecting the raw material and we guarantee a high product quality.



Furniture board

We use very good quality thick material and so we can offer a supreme quality of furniture boards.
Uses: production of furniture, front doors and stairs.




Coniferous and hardwood timber

The timber on our offer is from material from our country, from the State Forest Enterprise in compliance with the FSC certificate.




Wood briquette

Wood briquette is a modern fuel. It is perfect for burning in stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, water boilers etc. It is characterized by a high energy value: its calorific value is comparable to that of good quality coal. Wood briquette is a superb type of fuel.





Pellet is one of the most effective energy sources. Considering its good energy value and the comfort of use, Pellet is more and more frequently used to heat houses and other rooms. Pellet is an environment-friendly fuel, with relatively small carbon dioxide contents during combustion and small amounts of ash after burning. When looking for fuel, it worth to opt for the
environmentally friendly and cheap Pellet.



Pine bark

ine bark is a perfect material to cover the soil surface. Pine bark is commonly used in gardens. It has aesthetic looks and good functional properties. Use of pine bark  helps to prevent weeds from growing, reduces evaporation of water from soil; it provides perfect thermal insulation and good aesthetic values.



Wood houses

We have wood houses on our offer. All the wood elements are produced from dried and impregnated wood. The finishing standards as arranged. Including complete electrical wiring and water piping systems.


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