Pellet is a superb type of fuel.

Our pellet is produced from ground wood waste such as sawdust or chips that are pressed under high pressure with no gluing substances. Owing to a low humidity, the calorific value of briquette is higher than that of wood. Due to a high concentration of the material in relation to its volume, the burning process is gradual and slow.

Pellet possesses a number of advantages including the following:

  • a high density, and so it is easy to store and distribute,
  • can be used in boiler installations with automatic fuel feed,
  • a high calorific value, which is comparable to that of worse quality hard coal,
  • it does not contain any substances that are harmful to human health and environment,
  • low emissions of sulphur dioxide and other hazardous substances during combustion,
  • low ash contents
  • ash can be used as a fertilizer,
  • can be stored over a long period of time in dry conditions,
  • a variety of uses: in individual boiler rooms as well as boiler plants that supply heat to heat distribution networks, and also fireplaces at home.

Pellet is packed in foil sacks that are arranged on pallets and are additionally secured with strips.

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